Hire a Professional

Need to hire a professional?  Do it with LBiz for free!

1. Post a wanted Ad

If you're looking for professional services, locally or nationally, you can post any number of Wanted ads completely FREE. Give as much detail as possible about the service you're looking for and then professionals can contact you via our messaging system, saving you time and money as well as getting you the best possible prices and services.

2. Receive the quotes

Professionals will contact you via our internal messaging system with prices, quotes or questions. You can send replies, ask questions and check their business profile page.  You should only release your personal contact details when you are comfortable to operate outside of the LBiz system.

3. Add your reviews

Your reviews of the professionals you've used will help build business reputations and give confidence to others seeking similar services.

4. Respond to a Job Vacancy, Start hiring & find local candidates.